Международные рынки

The purpose of our center is to stimulate and involve SMEs in the Kostroma region in export activities and to facilitate entry into foreign markets.

Kostroma Region does not close within its borders, but uses all opportunities to establish and improve mutually beneficial relations with foreign partners.  Products of the Kostroma region are supplied to more than 80 countries.  The main trading partners of the Kostroma region are Belarus, Kazakhstan, the USA, Germany, Turkey and other countries.  

The commodity structure of the region's exports is traditionally represented by products of timber industry enterprises, jewelry, machinery and chemical products.  The enterprises of the region are leaders in Russia in the production of oil and gas and lifting equipment, parts of the cylinder-piston group, elements of the microprocessor-based engine control system, shipbuilding products, garments, mineral fertilizers, sawnwood, fiberboard and chipboard.  

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